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Heartland Windows Are Energy Efficient

    Most heating and cooling dollars literally go out the window.  That's why Heartland windows have been engineered for maximum energy efficiency.

      Internal chambers with foam provide captive space to insulate the frame against differences in temperature from outside to inside.  This feature increases energy conservation while minimizing condensation and frost build-up in cold weather.  It also helps prevent expansion and contraction of the outside wall so the window framing remains full supported at all times.

  But the real key is what happens in the long term.  Wood windows can deteriorate, creating leaks in several areas.  Not so with Heartland windows.   Since they won't decay they maintain their energy efficiency, providing you with energy savings you can count on for the long term.

Durable Welded-Frame Construction

   Window frames are constantly under stress from the house settling or changes in temperature.

  Heartland windows use fully welded corners rather than mechanical fasteners to attach framing pieces together.  The results are corners that stay air and watertight - and sashes that open and close with ease - year after year.


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